Brass icons: get to know them well



It is our hope that this web site will become a meeting place for collectors, antiquarians, academics and all those who have an interest in this extraordinary phenomenon, which we feel reflects in a unique way the profound religiosity of the Russian people.

We express the confident hope that this web site will assume the form of a proper Association of people fond of brass icons: if this is the case we will add a Forum to the web site.

In keeping with the above, we will publish any image of brass icons or relevant article that you might send us. These images and articles will however, remain the property of the sender.

Moreover, the web site is dedicated to buying, selling and exchange: these days the market, including the internet, is flooded with fake brass icons. We hope that this site may also provide a stimulus to the spread of interest in brass icons, therefore enabling the less experienced to find expert advice.

Presently you will be able to find the following subjects:

We hope to be able to add new subjects on a weekly basis. Those registering on the site will be advised of new postings.